#299 FilePickerCtrl and DirPickerCtrl: button not visible


When using either wx.FilePickerCtrl or wx.DirPickerCtrl on a panel, the 'browse' button is not visible. The widget is shortened and sometimes the upper border of the button is visible and clickable just underneath the text box.

Il shows properly when alone in a frame.

Boa Constructor 0.6.1 (from CVS 2008-06-11), wxPython, Python 2.5.1, Windows XP Home SP2, utf-8


  • L.Marcoux

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    After more investigation, the edit box and the button are overlapping (have the same position). The size is always (100,21) for the text box and (75,23) for the command button. If we write a simple script just to show a FilePickerCtrl in a sizer, the position are correct but the sizes are the same and don't expand.
    Also, in Boa Constructor, if we re-open the graphic editor for a frame having a FilePickerCtrl, it is drawn with components overlapped. If we click on it to select it, it is redrawned properly.


  • Mark S
    Mark S

    I have had the same problem (in Boa) using box sizer. However the problem disappears if a proportion is set in the inspector for the filePickerCtrl whether or not a proportion is set for any other items in the sizer.

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    Follow up from my last comment. I've since found:
    1. the control doesn't size properly if in a sizer on a panel.
    2. if in a sizer on a frame, the text box overlaps the button. This can be fixed manually after exiting the frame designer by editing generated code, reducing the size by 2 on both height and width. This needs to be re-adjusted after any subsequent update of the frame designer.
    Sorry, I don't have the skill to suggest a permanent bug fix.