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BO2K / News: Recent posts

CVS Releases

CVS Packages have been released for bo2k_plugins and bo2k1-1new.

bo2k_plugins_CVS002 features UDPIO bug fixes and Daniel Roethlisberger's srv_webclient sources.

bo2k1-1new_CVS000 is an alpha release of BO2K's new engine.

Posted by Andre Reis 2002-07-18

Status Update

A lot of stuff is happening at the moment. Time for a status update.

  • BO2K's new forums (http://bo2k.sf.net/forum/) can now be considered stable. Running phpBB v. 2.0.1 ( phpBB Group), no issues have been reported.

  • A new engine is being developed for BO2K, its development leaded by SiLiUS; an alpha version can be found at the CVS, module bo2k1-1new. For more information, head on to the forums.

  • We have a new cross-platform developer, Whipaz, who will be working along with Christian Biesinger to improve BO2K's Linux port, LibBO2K.... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2002-07-15

New plugin & CVS packages

The srv_winman plugin, by CyberDemon, has been released officially. You may find it at the Files section.
New CVS packages for LibBO2K and bo2k_console have also been released. Again, you may find them at the Files section.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-05-11

New BO2K forums are up

The new Back Orifice 2000 forums are up and running in a beta status. Please avoid using the old Sourceforge forums.

The new forums can be visited at http://bo2k.sourceforge.net/forum/


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-04-29

New plugin: srv_winman

A new plugin, srv_winman, will soon be released officially at BO2K's website.

Courtesy of CyberDemon, you may check information and download it at http://homepages.hack-net.com/demoncyber/ for now.

New CVS packages for libbo2k and bo2k_console are also going to be released.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-04-27

New Developments: NVram

The BO2K development team is currently working on a new data storage system, NVram, that'll soon be avaliable through the project CVS services.

Work has started in srv_stealth, and a beta version of srv_system that grabs SYSKEY-encrypted hashes will also be released.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-02-02

Linux Sources now avaliable

The Linux Software sources are now avaliable at the Files Section. For info. on these, contact biesi@users.sourceforge.net.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-01-17

Back Orifice 2000 needs Bug Solvers

Cheers people,
Over here at the BO2K project we could use some Bugs and Feature Requests solving. The Tracker is getting filled, and our devs. have few time to work on such issues.

Before applying, please grab the latest code from CVS (you can get it as a compressed file at the files section), then have a look at the project Tracker. If you see you could solve some of the Bugs and Feature Requests over there, send me a mail, and I'll hook you up to the dev. team.... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2002-01-01

Website Update

From now on, you can get the latest BO2K Sourcecode, taken from the project's CVS, at "CVS Sources" section, under Download.

The Download section has been re-made, to "host" the Linux Software and CVS Sources sections. The Tracker has been reorganized also. Bug Reports and Support Requests are now merged, as well as Patches and Feature Requests.


Posted by Andre Reis 2001-12-31

gBot and libbo2k released

The gBot plugin for both BO2K 1.0 and 1.1 is now on-line. Please re-download the 1.1 version, as the old one had a small bug with the DCC auth.

Also, added libbo2k, bo2k_plugins and bo2k_console to the FRS (File Release System). Please read the Notes log before installing.


Posted by Andre Reis 2001-12-26

Website Update

The Merchandise section has just been replaced with Other Stuff. This new section integrates Merchandise, Banner Ads and Propaganda Imagery for BO2K.
Expect to see released within this week the gBot plugin, for both BO2K 1.0 and 1.1, and maybe a beta version of libbo2k, a linux client.


Posted by Andre Reis 2001-12-21

BO2K.com down

As most of you probably noticed, BO2K.com is down again. The reason: newhackcity.net servers are down, for an unknown period of time.
Anyway, development goes on. Yep, you can't see it, but it's happening.


Posted by Andre Reis 2001-12-20

Status Update

OK folks, for all those who've asked, we're now working on a last release of v1.1, with a couple bug fixes (like some keylogger issues), so that people can have a (semi)stable version. Only then we'll get our hands on v1.2.

-All files (but encryption plugins) moved to Sourceforge's FRS (File Release System).
-Rattler Zip file for 1.1 now has the respective sourcecode.
-GUI experts no longer needed. Job removed from Jobs Section. ... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2001-12-20

BO2K 1.1 Source Snapshot Release delayed

The 1.1's last snapshot release has been delayed for some days due to pertinent unsolved Bugs (specifically the Keylogger limitations and Vidstream Crashes).

We expect to have it avaliable until next week.

Thank you,

Posted by Andre Reis 2001-09-25

Call for programmers!

Back Orifice 2000 Development will continue now to reach the aim of creating the best remote administration tool ever!

To be able to do this, however, we need your, yes your help! So subscribe immediately to our mailing list by sending a mail to bo2k-dev-request@lists.sourceforge.net containing the text "subscribe" in the body to coordinate the efforts!
Alternatively visit http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/bo2k-dev to subscribe.

Posted by Andre Reis 2001-07-17