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Reverse BoTool, BoPeep Plus and gBot

Work and testing continue on the new BoPeep_Plus plugin. We are leaning it towards a VNC look, including easier control for hijack, remote mouse look...etc. Buda has tightened up the code and this has increased the speed dramatically and he is including options to allow for your choice of data compression. The bottom line is its really looking good. For you techies out there you can read all about the guts of the plugin here: read more

Posted by Jack Murphy 2005-03-05

Reverse Connection almost ready

The reverse connection protocol has just started initial testing. Since the client side had to be modified anyway, it was decided to build the listen capabilities right into the client. This increased the size modestly by about 14 kb. The server side will be handled by a plugin. Control will include commands to allow turning on and off the connect attempts from the server as well as the ability to change the name of the server. Testing should be complete by the end of February.... read more

Posted by Jack Murphy 2005-02-05

New Plugin Bo_Peep_Plus

Buda has recoded the bopeep plugin so that it now uses JPEG compression, this allows for color and opens the door to a few other very nice possibilities. The plugin is still in the experimental stages but if you want to walk on the wild side it is available on the Development Page.

Posted by Jack Murphy 2004-12-28

New page - Development Plugins

The novice page has been discontinued and has been replaced with a development plugins page. This page will include the latest plugins available, with code from the CVS repository. Because these plugins are "in development", they are to be considered unstable so should be used with caution on any remote systems to which you lack physical access.

Posted by Jack Murphy 2004-11-27

New Release - BO2K v1.1.3

New release version 1.1.3 works on all windows operating systems now and reinstates the stealth functionality allowing for deletion of the original file, and hiding process in win9x machines. The new server also has a new function which will remove the server entirely from the remote machine when "eradicate" is chosen. New client allows for easier starting of plugins.....both from server dialog box and from server list. New control, interface, legacy and system plugins. See the new tutorial "BO2K 1.1.x Basic Tutorial" for assistance in setting it up.

Posted by Jack Murphy 2004-11-27

New SimpleRicq released

A new version of SimpleRicq has been released for BO2K version 1.1.2, which reduces the size of the plugin by half.

Posted by Jack Murphy 2004-07-28

New plug-in Releases

SimpleRicq and Rcgi have now been added to the official releases. All source codes have also been added to the CVS.

Posted by Jack Murphy 2004-02-01

gBot 0.3.0 Released

Well finally here is the pre release 1, this is a experimental release so it should contain bugs :).
This release works for bo2k 1.0, 1.1 and 1.3, it also compiles in linux, but the 1.3 version doesnt work well with bo2k release version yet :(.
Right now this project lacks of documentation so anyone is welcome to write it, any help and/or feedback is very appreciated.
The native commands were removed, just contains the basic ones like !ip, this is because in the future we will take the commands from bo2k so we dont' have to rewrite everything as we used too.... read more

Posted by Javier Aroche 2003-11-07

BO2K v1.1.2 released

On the 1.1.x side, we released a new package, 1.1.2, which implements novice's fixes on the server plugins, increasing stability and compatibility on Win2000 / XP systems. It is avaliable here:

Remember to check our forums if you are having troubles running BO2K on Win2K/XP systems.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-10-03

Status Update

After some time spent far from computers, our main developer, Javier Aroche, will continue the development of boxp, bo2k 1.3. Expect beta2 for the next week.

Also, Razboinik, a former bo2k developer, has returned to the project and will now be maintaining the development of its plugin, gBot.

On the less fortunate side of things, our Admin and Unix Lead Developer, Ali Saifullah Khan, has become absent while he is completing his graduation. ... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2003-09-02

Rattler 3.03 avaliable

The srv_rattler plugin version 3.03 has been released. This version comes with the 'floating point' error fixed.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-07-16

New Developer Resources

More resources for developers have been made avaliable. There is now a paper on writing a plugin to the new BO2K 1.3 engine, BOXP, and a list of conventions, regarding the project organization, that will start to be enforced.

Check the Development section on the website for more information.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-07-01

srv_ricq 3.02 released

Version 3.02 of the srv_ricq plugin, an IP notification plugin via ICQ, has been released. This version features some bug fixes and code tweaks, by novice222.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-06-27

List of Contributors

A list of those who contributed to the BO2K project so far has been created, at .

If you have contributed in some way to BO2K, but your name is not on the list, raise your hand and be counted.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-05-21

New package: development

A new package has been created at Sourceforge's FRS (File Release System) named development; this package will hold any development releases of BO2K's (v1.3) new software pieces.

Cyber Demon

Posted by Javier Aroche 2003-04-21

Domains back on-line

The and domains are now on-line.

After several months of downtime, the problems have been fixed thanks to DilDog and Reid Fleming from cDc.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-03-23

CVS and Logos

The CVS Source releases have been discontinued. Beta versions will be released from now on, when relevant.

The project is also going to get a new look. As part of the iniciative, we've opened a contest for a new logotype, so get your hands on and start designing logos for the project!

Send your submissions to


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-03-16

Status Update

New developments are as follow:

  • Javier Aroche and Ali Saifullah Khan have been promoted to Lead Developers of the project.

  • The BO2K forums were down for about one week, due to an error while patching the code to phpBB v.2.0.4. All data was recovered and the forum is up again and working fine. All mods were lost, though.

  • The reverser plugin is nearly finished. This plugin allows servers located inside LANs or behind hardware firewalls, proxys or routers, to be able to connect to a remote client, by having the server to start the connection (instead of the client). ... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2003-03-16

BO2K Public Meeting Scheduled

The BO2K public meeting at IRC is scheduled for Friday, 3rd January 2003, @ 960 (it's around 10 p.m. GMT).
The meeting will serve for general chat regarding BO2K and development discussion.

The IRC server is (port 6667), channels #bo2k and #bo2kdev.

You are invited to show up (need not to be on that exact time, some of us will be around all day) even if just to chill out a bit. ... read more

Posted by Andre Reis 2002-12-27

BO2K Remote Admin Tool is looking for Developers

Hash: SHA1

The BO2K Remote Administration Tool is looking for personnel to aid
in its development.

The basic requirement is experience with C/C++. The more the better.
After that, we are looking for people skilled in the following areas:

      • Audio / Graphics/ Video (Streaming, Image Compression)
      • VxD Kernel Drivers (writing / debugging)
      • Windows API (add new functions / debug)
      • Security and Networks (debug & improve I/O modules)
      • Win2K / WinXP systems (improve software compatibility)
      • GUI programming, MFC (implement WxWindows GUI)... read more
Posted by Andre Reis 2002-12-05

WinMan 1.00

Released the new version of WinMan, version 1.0. First fully stable version, features mainly bug fixes over v.0.99.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-11-15

New BoPeep for 1.1.x

Released BoPeep Developers v1.1, for BO2K 1.1.x.
Fixed some Bugs and replaced corrupt icons.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-09-10

New CVS Package

Released bo2k_plugins_CVS003 CVS package.

  • Replaced corrupt icons
  • Minor Bug fix in srr_scanpw


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-09-06

New Releases

Released binaries and sourcecode for the BO2K Development version 1.1.1. You may get them at the Download section. This version features several improvements over the original BO2K 1.1, released last year.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-08-29

New CVS Packages

bo2k1-1new_CVS001 was just released. The very first sketches of BO2K's new engine, it now builds properly, and has some minor bug fixes. You may get it at the Download section, or using a CVS program.


Posted by Andre Reis 2002-07-25