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Status Update

New developments are as follow:

  • Javier Aroche and Ali Saifullah Khan have been promoted to Lead Developers of the project.

  • The BO2K forums were down for about one week, due to an error while patching the code to phpBB v.2.0.4. All data was recovered and the forum is up again and working fine. All mods were lost, though.

  • The reverser plugin is nearly finished. This plugin allows servers located inside LANs or behind hardware firewalls, proxys or routers, to be able to connect to a remote client, by having the server to start the connection (instead of the client).

  • New versions of srv_rattler (v3.02) and srv_rICQ (v3.01) have been released, now with the irritating character limit bug fixed.

  • A new engine is being written by Javier. Planned features are increased stability and compatibility with Win2K/XP.


Posted by Andre Reis 2003-03-16