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BoPlanets V1.2 released

An update of BoPlanets was released as release V1.2.
The changes mainly concerns the graphical user interface and clearness of control:

  • Documentation:
    Viewing the documentation the window can no be resized.
    This makes it easier to read.

  • Decimal numbers in localized form
    Decimal numbers in input and output fields are now handled due
    to the localized form.

  • Termination of text field stepsize:
    In adition to terminating input of the field "stepsize" by clicking
    the adjacent ok-button this can be done by pressing the Enter-key.

  • Options run continously:
    Selecting this option will now start the continous moving of the planets.

  • Look & Feel:
    Look & Feel of the GUI was now set to CrossPlatform in order to achieve a
    uniform L&F on all system platforms.

  • Unify Graphical Components:
    All graphical components were reworked in order to unify the appearance of
    the graphical components. This regards fonts, fontsize, colors, borders.

Posted by B.Ostermann 2008-03-12