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BNMAPI being discontinued

...but not to worry, it's just being re-branded :) The same framework will shortly be available as "bFrame" under the MIT open source license and maintained by
New support for Flash 10 (CS4) and LOTS of new features are on their way so move on over to for more information.

Posted by Patrick Bay 2008-10-15

Release 3.11

This is not a major release. It includes some syntax errors I encountered in the previous version (you can now compiled without errors!) and a minor new class called FIFOBuffer.

This new class works together with any data or asset loads to provide First-In-First-Out ordering. Because data or asset loads can complete asynchronously at any time, the sequence of loads can never be assured (some may finish earlier than others regardless of the order in which they were started). With the FIFO buffer, loads are finished in the order in which they were started, regardless of what happens behind the scenes. Because of the decoupled nature of the API, there's almost no extra work to be done by developers. ... read more

Posted by Patrick Bay 2008-09-19

The API is back

Version 3.1 of the API is at a stage where it's ready for public release. It's been entirely revamped for ActionScript 3 and support seamless integration with both Flash/Flex runtime content and AIR environments. Many new features and possibilities have been opened up with the introduction of ActionScript 3 so watch for the API to become even more powerful than it already is. Code commenting is done in NaturalDocs for easy readability and the license has changed to the MIT open source license to allow broader use.

Posted by Patrick Bay 2008-09-12