• Hi there,

    I just installed bmf and am training it at the moment. I noticed that invoking bmf without the -p option from my procmailrc always results in an error message. Man bmf provided an explanotion as non spam messages result in a non zero return code. So now I use bmf as a filter with 'bmf -p -s' for spam and 'bmf -p -n' for normal mail.

    For my normal mail it's probably desirable to have bmf alter the mail but I really want to invoke bmf without the passthrough mode to use it as a non-filter. So how do I do this especially for normal mail?

    And yet another question: Is it possible to use bmf with mimedefang  or even better as a sendmail milter. So when bmf runs fine, with zero or very little false positives, I can bounce spam with a custom error message before it even reaches my mailbox.