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mvnlib interfaced using f2py

The fortran routines used in the mvnlib have been interfaced using the latest CVS version of f2py.

Posted by Didrik Pinte 2004-08-12

New version : using BMELIB2.0b

To follow the update of the original BMELIB toolbox, I have decided to upload a the version 2.0b of the toolbox and go on with the translation using that version.

Posted by Didrik Pinte 2004-07-13

First CVS release

Two modules have been initialized on the CVS.

First, a BMELIB1.0c module containing the initial matlab code of the toolbox. This is the base of the project

Second, a bmelibpy1.0c module containing the first translated libs.

Posted by Didrik Pinte 2004-03-26

Project startup

The project has been approved and started the 24th march 2004.

The original toolbox will be added to the CVS tonight. The first already translated and tested files will be commited too.

Python's developpers are welcome !

Posted by Didrik Pinte 2004-03-24