I will try to translate document to.
Just to bookamrk: http://blueproximity.wiki.sourceforge.net/docs

Lars, you may add the original & updated manual in English as first one to wiki: http://blueproximity.sourceforge.net/manual.html

Good Luck,

On Feb 17, 2008 2:56 PM, Lars Friedrichs <larsfriedrichs@gmx.de> wrote:
Hi there,

the news for today: BlueProximity now makes use of Sourceforge's Wiki
pages. I believe making them publicly editable is the best idea.

So what will there be a Wiki for? I found that some information is lost
and cannot be reproduced on every change to all mailing lists. That is
e.g. the status of new/ongoing translations and to be made packages and
status on new distributions.

The probably biggest part of the wiki should be the localized versions
of the manual. Having a localized GUI is good, having a localized manual
is great. Let's all try to make things great - please help by providing
a manual in your native language. If there are parts of it translated
try to check if it is ok. I can't check as I am only speaking german
(native) and english so I will need help here anyway.

So even if it's just some tipps on the installation - I created a
documentation template. If you create a new documentation please use the
template for it. If you don't fill every part of it - leave it open.
This is to get a comparable structure to all documentation. Encurage
users you know to add stuff there. Everything will help.

Packagers, you also get this info as we have to decide wether a
translated manual is also packaged. We will do that on the mailing list,
this is just a reminder so we don't forget to talk about it.

Bye and keep up the good work everybody!

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