BlueProximity Dead?

  • ryan

    Is BlueProximity already dead?

    • Hi Ryan,

      No - BlueProximity is not dead, but I have no time to spend for it right now.
      (I am finishing my university degree, have just bought a house, changing my job next month,...) I am very busy at the moment and I am sad I can't push BlueProximity further right now but I believe that calm times will approach in a few months and I will continue development then.

      But at least thanks for caring about BlueProximity's future. I am still stunned how many people are actually using it. I try to make it easier to use with the next release. It supports a better event system and should integrate many more prepackaged actions than just 'locking the screen'. So it gives more flexibility to existing users and easier setup for novice users. Keep an eye on it :-)


  • nash

    Hi Lars

    I love your project and it saddens me seeing it on-maintained, as it sometimes memory leaks. unfortunately i'm not a developer. have you though about making it available at google code for other developers to maintain it. 

  • Sumit Bindal
    Sumit Bindal

    Hi Lars,

    Can I contribute to your project and maintain it.

    -Sumit Bindal