#15 RHEL 5 Support


This utility works fantastic with my Ubuntu installation. I have even more need for this tool at work. Unfortunately, I only run on RHEL 5. I'd be happy to support this change as much as possible. Please let me know if I can help bring this to fruition.


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    Could you please download the 1.2 tarball and run it from the console and post the error messages that appear? Alternatively you might try to install the openSuSE .rpm and also try to start that on the console or post the errors that appear when you try to install the .rpm (which would be the missing dependencies)
    In most cases it is just a question of missing dependencies and as I recall in most cases it was a pyGTK package prior to version 2.10 which is definetly needed for the icon technique I use.
    So please install it in either way and let me know the details. You could also check the online docs on the webpage for dependencies.

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