Whooo Hoooo!!!!!

Okay, sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

I still need to run some experiments tomorrow to isolate the full problem/fix but it seemed, ultimately to be a conflict between two versions of the Courier font. In principle, Font Book is supposed to handle these sorts of things but I suspect that the System provided Courier font for 10.6.7 was incompatible with an older version of Courier. For some reason both were resident even though neither were User installed fonts. Numerous global attempts at resolve font conflicts within Font Book did not resolve this issue I had to manual turn off the offending, two, fonts: Courier and Courier Bold.

To summarize:

If you are using Mac OS X 10.6.7 there have been changes in font handling which can lead to a multitude of issues. Focusing on blue, if your find that score, orchestra, table and UDO text is no longer visible, do not despair, it has not been deleted, it is simply not being rendered due to a font problem. The fix *seems* to be:

1) Start Font Book (found in your applications folder)
2) Under the Collection Column select All Fonts
3) Under the Font column scroll down until you find Courier. Chances are this has a warning icon next to it.
4) Open the Courier font group (click on the little triangle to the left of the word Courier) and you will probably see two copies of Courier and Courier Bold
5) You need to disable one of each but you need to disable the correct one. You can find the location of the font by simply mousing over it, no click necessary.
6) One of the duplicates should be in /System/Library/Fonts, this needs to stay active. One is probably in /Library/Fonts and this should be disabled.
7) Do this for both the Courier and Courier Bold fonts.
8) Reboot your system.

All should be well with the world.


blue users mailing list <bluemusic-users@lists.sourceforge.net> writes:
I'm on that task right now ( as soon as a copy finishes and I can reboot ).

I found a lot of similar information at Adobe. Apparently there mucho font issues with Flash causing much heartburn out there.

I'll let the list know how it turns out.

I'll probably try the OS back out on one of the classroom machines tomorrow just to have that in our bag of tricks. One complication that occurs to me is that a Safari update was included in the 10.6.7 update so that probably needs to be backed out as well and it is not clear to me if the install from CD then load the 10.6.6 combo approach will take care of that (guess I'm about to find out ...)