I'm on that task right now ( as soon as a copy finishes and I can reboot ).

I found a lot of similar information at Adobe. Apparently there mucho font issues with Flash causing much heartburn out there.

I'll let the list know how it turns out.

I'll probably try the OS back out on one of the classroom machines tomorrow just to have that in our bag of tricks. One complication that occurs to me is that a Safari update was included in the 10.6.7 update so that probably needs to be backed out as well and it is not clear to me if the install from CD then load the 10.6.6 combo approach will take care of that (guess I'm about to find out ...)


blue users mailing list <bluemusic-users@lists.sourceforge.net> writes:
Thanks Paul!  One thing I saw was regarding weird font issues with Sibelius:


which pointed to:


which mentions disabling and re-enabling fonts with FontBook.  Maybe
this is something worth trying?