I will cobble together an example for you. 

While we're on the subject, I am still using blue for most of my csound work, and the external object editor doesn't have any undo capability.  Any chance that's an easy fix?  As always, keep up the good work..


On 9/26/05, Steven Yi <stevenyi@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Ben,

Thanks very much for posting the example!  I'll be giving it a whirl
as soon as I can.  It'd be great to have a simple example .blue file
to include with blue so that in the future other users who might be
interested in using CM and blue can have something to look at.  I'm
going to aim to put together something, but my experience with CM is
pretty minimal so any help in that would be very much appreciated!


On 9/26/05, Ben McAllister <benmca@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ooops - apologies for being soooo verbose - I meant to only post the relevant parts of that file.  I guess more info is better than less ;)
>  b

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