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Blue Linux 2.1.0 betaone core Mukashi UPDATE

Blue Linux would like to update everyone on how our new distro version is coming along. At the moment of writing we have about 50% of the development done.
Thank you.
Blue Linux development team

Posted by Steve 2007-01-05

Work has started on version 2.0

Hello all,
BlueLinux would like to announce that work has started on our new Linux distro, codenamed "Mukashi", which will be released as Blue Linux 2.0 . Leading on from version 1 that the last admin team released.

Thank you,
Blue Linux team

Posted by Steve 2006-12-02

Release Candidate 1.0 not supported by new admin

Just a quick message to say that the Release Candidate 1.0 of BlueLinux that is available for download, is not suppoerted by the new admin team. This version was built by the old admin team, who no longer participate in the BlueLinux project.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Posted by Steve 2006-11-24

Latest update on BlueLinux.

Just a quick message to let everyone know that BlueLinux now has a new admin team. Please bare with us as the transfer from the old team to the new team takes place.

We have left the old BlueLinux version 1 iso file available for download, but we will not be able to offer any support on this. A new BlueLinux version is in development, once this is ready, it will be available for download and support.... read more

Posted by Steve 2006-11-21

Release Candidate 1.0

Blue Linux Beta Release 1.0

Jan 22, 2002 - Hillsborough, NC

Today Blue Linux is very pleased to announce the release of Blue Linux Release Candidate 1. This release brings the base system and development tools to the public. Included in Blue Linux is Adobe Acrobat Reader 4, Real Player 8, Flash 5, Fully anti-aliased KDE 2.2, and much more.

Blue Linux plans to release several add-on packs in the next few weeks to make this system into a educational dream. "Blue Linux will become a fully open sourced operating system for schools and government." said Matt Jezorek founder of Blue Linux "We plan on building a easy to use, and configure system that will run on both PC's and Macintosh systems to allow a cheap alternative to other operating systems in schools and government."... read more

Posted by Matt Jezorek 2002-01-22