JL Kolpin
  • JL Kolpin
    JL Kolpin

    I liek this bot but there is zero documentation for it. How do i dcc chat the bot AND log in, what do the operator flags mean for users. And last but not least why can i not make this bot stop joining #debian-bots and start joining my channel even when the default channel was removed from the channel config and mine was added +autojoin...

    • Dan

      Well, I havent really played with DCC chat yet, but I have noticed issues localy as well. I am asuming its cloak related in my case though. But if you give yourself a +A, you should be able to admin the bot via /msg's as well.

      The bot flags were recently added to the help file in svn. If you grab the trunk HEAD, it should work as "help flags".

      Try edit your files/blootbot.chan file. Or if its running, try !-chan -#debian-bots.