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Bloody Mess: Prologue finally released!

You can play Bloody Mess: Prologue at

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-07-02

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.03 released

v1.03 contains fix for NullPointerException that sometimes happened when
levelup occured at mission end in campaign game mode. Also 4th location from campaign mode was added to available maps for survive game mode.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-06-07

Bloody Mess prologue is releasing soon

Bloody Mess prologue is an old-style text adventure that tells a short story about that small man with the gun that kills hordes of monsters on your mobile phone:)Bloody Mess mobile doesn't have a plot, so this small game shell fix this problem! It will be available soon at Bloody Mess mobile web page

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-05-10

Debug build

Debug build was added to the game archive. It will print exceptions messages on the screen & print stack trace to the console when running application on emulator. Debug build is located in "debug_build" folder in the install archive.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-03-08

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.02 update

v1.02 contains fix for the last mission in the campaign mode.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-02-25

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.01 update

v1.01 update contains some small bug fixes. Also latest versions of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 were successfully tested on Windows mobile device with installed JavaFX.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-02-16

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v1.0 released

Final version of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 is released. This version contains 12 missions in Campaign game mode on 4 different locations. New locations for Survive mode become available during progress in Campaign mode. Last game results are now displayed in the "High Score" menu.
After this version I plan to continue developing new updates & bugfixes for Bloody Mess mobile.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-02-01

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.9beta released

Pre-final version of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 is available for download. All new information about current test version & upcoming v1.0 will be available on project web page on this week.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-01-24

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.8b released

v0.8b contains new map for Campaign & Survive game modes, save feature for Campaign game mode & some other improvements.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-01-22

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.7b released

New version contains two demo missions in campaign game mode.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2010-01-04

Future plans

Due to the lack of time I had to stop active development of the new version of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 until the end of december. But I plan to release v0.7 at the beginning of january 2010. It will contain campaign game mode and other improvements.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-12-13

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.6 released

v0.6 contains a new map for survive game mode and high score saving.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-11-24

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.5b released

An update for v0.5 contains bugfix for incorrect moving of view space and new bonus - nuke bomb.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-11-08

v1.4.2 and Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.5 released

v1.4.2 with touch controls support is finally finished. At the same time Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 v0.5 was developed. So v1.4.2 and v0.5 were merged into one package which is now available for download.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-10-21

v1.4.2 release is rescheduled

v1.4.2 will be available for download as soon as it will be finished, but due to lack of time I wasn't able to publish it on this week.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-10-11

Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.2 with touch screen support

v1.4.2 will be available for download by the end of this week. It will contain support for touch screen controls (on phones such as nokia 5530). The same functionality will be available in Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 in later versions.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-10-05

Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 build v0.4 is coming

First test version of Bloody Mess 2.0 will be available for download soon. For more details and updates please visit project web page.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-09-09

Development of Bloody Mess mobile 2.0 started

Total refactoring of Bloody Mess mobile is started! Version 2.0 will have almost new graphics and a lot of new game features. For more information please visit project web page where all the latest information will be published.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-08-07

Bloody Mess mobile v1.4.1 released

This is a small update for v1.4 that improves the special perk selection screen (appears after 30 level).

Some important news about Bloody Mess project will be announced very soon!

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-08-03

Bloody Mess mobile v1.4 hotfix

Small bug was found in v1.4 release: due to changing default lcdui font to graphical font, mine indicator didn't appear on the screen (this indicator shows that player has the bomb). This issue is fixed in this hotfix.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-07-14

Project web page updated

Game manual was added to the project page. It covers general game information, installation and game rules. Also License section was updated.
Remark: if there is no new content on the page after refresh (there is no new content in Manual or License sections) then try to clear browser's cache first and then try to refresh the page again. I'm new to web development, so I don't know why after updating files on the server old version of the page is still loaded from cache. Later I will investigate this issue.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-07-10

Bloody Mess mobile web site deployed

First test version of Bloody Mess mobile web page is available instead of default project page. It is the first variant & I will continue to develop it & improve it's look & feel. New updates will be very soon!

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-07-07

Bloody Mess mobile v1.4 released

This release includes several visual improvements, such as graphical in-game font & splash screen instead of default start screen from previous versions. For complete list of changes please see changes log.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-06-30

Bloody Mess mobile v1.3 update

Release 1.3 was updated with small fix. Now it is possible to turn sound effects on/off at start of the application.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-05-05

Bloody Mess mobile v1.3 is available for download

New version contains sound effects for weapon shooting, bonus pick-ups etc.

Posted by Alexander Golikov 2009-05-03