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Read Me

Interpolated eXperimental xpilot

This is the xpilot-fxi distribution -the hunt for lost playability

The aim of this project is to bring a more decent server 
for the players. The client is also optimized, but we leave
the choice of client to the player. The client in this
release works best on outdated hardware.

This distribution is based on the old xpilot-fix series, but here we
have a new autoconfig package, and a cleaned up distribution.

Note that the technical performance of xpilot playing is heavily 
dependent on proper equipment, both hardware and software.
Having a good link is only one of the several factors that affects
quality of gameplay seriously. It cannot be stressed enough that 
a high quality mouse and mousepad is essential for top performance. 
It's a part of the goodness of an xpilot player to be able to assess
and use best equipment, so I will not reveal here which equipment
is known to be the best. As a clue, I can reveal that playing
on a Linux system with a logitech optical mouse is certainly not
among the best combinations. 

*** NOTE: Support for anything other than Blood's style
    maps & dodgers has been totally removed (useless). In 
    particular, targets, cannons, items, wormholes and weapons 
    anything other than a single machine gun is not 
    supported any longer. Also windows support is completely
    removed, as is support for all other suspicious and outdated 
    platforms. Sound support is also removed. For what reason?
    The codebase is now managable, and free of lots and lots
    of dirty and unused hacks. This will result in speedups
    for server performance, and make it a canonical and clean
    distribution for a professional Blood's music player. It
    is also meant a research platform for making even better
    servers with new and revolutionary techniques. Unfortunately,
    not many even bother to notice the improvements it brings,
    but I hope that some day there will pop up a few exceptionally
    talented players who will realize the value of it. If not,
    the author has at least and at last one decent server for his 
    own use.
    This release is meant to be used with Linux 2.4, 2.6,
    FreeBSD, Digital Unix, and perhaps IRIX and Solaris.

- look in ChangeLog

- note that sending frames wrongly will affect the steering at the client side. Even
  if the server does computations right, it will be experienced as a bad steering if
  wrong frames are sent to client. This could result e.g. because of wrong 
  synchronization or wrongly implemented frame_update sending.

- rewrite packet protocol, delete unused stuff in packets
- add all necessary features like more paused players
- try the system specified in my xpilot technical writings,
  IssueX.txt (available in same dir as this release). 

The end result should be a server, which one can use in teamcups,
and more serious games. The old walls code will be used throughout
all releases unless someone can come up with something better.