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#34 Insert Image

Adam Kalsey

A toolbar button for inserting an image. The behavior
of the button would be similar to that of the existong
insert link button. The fields that could be filled in
would be source URL, alignment, alt text, height,
width, and border. URL is the only required field.

All fields would be fill in text fields except for
alignment. Alignment would be a select box that allows
selection of valid HTML vaules for the align
attribute. In HTML 4, these values are Left, Right,
Top, Bottom, and Middle.

Upon entering these values and clicking okay, an image
HTML tag will be inserted into the editor dialog.
Attributes that contain no value will not be inserted.

This tag should contain valid XHTML markup. The tag
name (img) and all attribute names should be lowercase
and all attribute values should be quoted ("value").
The tag should be properly closed with a slash.

<img src="someurl.gif" align="right" />


  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar

    Logged In: YES

    Alongwith creating the Image tag through the interface, it
    would be nice if the image also can be uploaded to the server
    using the File Upload feature of the Blogger API, for example
    on clicking the insert image ICON, a file browser opens for
    selecting the image, after selection the IMAGE attributes can
    be added as mentioned in the above posts, on publishing it
    the contents of the post would be published and the image
    can be transferred automatically to the site, if this can be
    done it would be simply great!