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#13 Support for HTML entity characters


First, this is a great app ! Thank you Sigfus and keep
doing the good work...

a) The name of my blog contains a quote ('), but it
gets displayed by blogBuddy as its HTML entity
(ampersand, followed by 'apos', ended by a semi-
colon). It's ugly. I guess it's the same for all
special characters (accented ones, currency symbols
and so on...). So, it would be nice to convert those
entities to their actual symbol for display.

b) And since you'd have to code the function, a great
feature would be to make it work the other way round,
and convert any special character typed in the posts
to their equivalent HTML entity when sending the text
to blogger.com. It would greatly help non-English
bloggers like me to keep their weblogs HTML-standards
compliant : special characters (mainly accented ones
for us Frenchies) may appear several times a sentence.
(It would be a nice feature for English writers too,
of course...)

Emmanuel Bizieau


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    I agree with the a) but b) would pose a problem as you
    could no longer enter any html formatting because HTML
    special characters would have to be escaped as well.