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Black Mirror / News: Recent posts

Black Mirror 1.2 Released

Finally, the biggest update to Black Mirror yet is available for download.
It lets you now sync file attributes/modes too, provides better error reports, handles Mac OS X "packages" properly and introduces a feature to clean up your backup device. The backup procedure and the Strict mode have been improved as well.

Posted by Bernhard Waldbrunner 2007-11-03

First Stable Release of Black Mirror

Black Mirror 1.1 now offers better file handling on Mac OS X and always syncs the time stamps of files, so only files will be copied that actually are new or have changed.

Posted by Bernhard Waldbrunner 2007-08-23

First Beta Release of Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an easy way to synchronize your data between two or more computers and to keep backups on your external storage device so that you will never lose your precious files.
Plus, not only is Black Mirror free, also every user can help improving this application with the Tracker System, that is provided by SourceForge.net.

Posted by Bernhard Waldbrunner 2007-08-11