#3 segmentation fault while creating an array

Array class (1)

I get a segmentation error in this line:

Array<double,2> arr_diff(m_iPixels, 3);

while m_iPixels being a member variable of the class in
which this line is used. its value is in the range of
1000 to 100000.

It crashes in line 62 of Storage.h:

for (int i=0; i < N_rank; ++i)
ordering_(i) = N_rank - 1 - i;
ascendingFlag_ = true;
base_ = 0; <-------

The debugger shows: data_= 3, 3


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    I don't see any obvious problem with this code fragment.
    Would you please upload the complete files for the code
    that is experiencing this problem, so that I may look at
    this in more detail and try to reproduce the problem?
    Also, please indicate which computing platform and
    compiler you are using.

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    Thank you for fast answering. Because of the short amount of
    time remaining for this project, I have choosen to solve my
    problem without this library. If there is time after this
    project has been finished, I will grab some Code and upload it.

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