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#9 bz_bool, bz_typename, bz_explicit, etc removal


This huge patch contains some removal of oddities in
the code for older compiler that should not be still in
use, making the source code more canonical from the C++
point of view.

Basically, we introduce bool, true, false, explicit,
typename and restrict (on second thought this one might
be a little bit premature, opinions?) directly into the
sources. Note that the features are still autodetected
and replaced with reasonnable values in compiler.h if
not existing.

Unfortunately, I also did some reformatting in the
process in some places. I find it usually more readable
but others may differ. I wanted to entangle them before
submitting, but well these are so much better IMHO....


  • Patch file (huge!)

    • assigned_to: nobody --> julianc
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Logged In: YES

    I have applied the patch to the repository and made similar
    changes in a few of the testsuite and example codes. I
    fixed one minor glitch and after that, the testsuite seems
    to check out OK. Please notify me of any problems with this