#1 visual c++ 7 support ?!?!?

portability (2)

is there any way to support visual c++ 7 ?

it's so sad i cannot use blitz++ as it seems to suit to me
perfectly !


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    Blitz was never officially ported to the VC++ 7.0 compiler.
    However, the blitz code base was used in beta testing of the
    new VS .NET 2003 C++ compiler, in order to check
    compliance of this compiler with the ANSI C++ standard. This
    compiler has enough of the standard features to compile blitz
    and is now fully supported. There is a canned config.h file
    specifically configured for VS .NET 2003 and instructions for
    building blitz with this compiler. It may be possible to modify
    this config.h file and the VC++ project files for use with the
    older VC++ 7.0 compiler, but this has not been tested and is
    not supported. Please upgrade to the newer compiler.