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Eclipse & Linux

  • Rupesh


    I have used blitz0.10 library in one of my code. the code compilation worked just fine on WindowsXP 64 bit, with me using it as static lib for my project. Now, i had to use it in the linux environment. So, i created "libblitz.a" file using standard method of creating static lib. i.e. running configure file, then running "make lib" command as mentioned in the INSTALL.txt file.

    When I use it in Eclipse for the compilation, I get following error in file "iter.h"

    #ifndef BZ_ARRAY_H
      #error <blitz/array/iter.h> must be included via <blitz/array.h> 

    also, BZ_NAMESPACE(blitz) seems to have issue too.

    Project settings in terms of file & folder placement, paths is same as Windows Project but ofcourse with Linux paths. I am not really able to understand the issue as after including the mentioned file via array.h ( should not have done that i suppose but just for testing )  I get almost the same error in bench.cc file.

    Is this an Eclipse specific issue? This problem did not appear on windows & worked just fine.

    Please help.