#47 Released tarball changed without changing version number

Sergio Pascual

Hi, it seems that, after updating the licensing terms of blitz, you have changed the tarball without changing the version number. Now there are two blitz-0.10 tarballs, and you have one or the other depending on when you downloaded the package. I suggest to follow the versioning conventions and increase the version number every time you release a new tarball. If you follow the major.minor.bugfix scheme, this version would be 0.10.1


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  • Yes, I am well aware of this, and I made it very clear when I posted the new tarball that I was *replacing* the previous one. This was necessary due to the fact that the first was posted without several critical elements, including the licensing update that you mentioned. The first 0.10 tarball has been removed from the site and should not be used.
    I appreciate your suggestions regarding the versioning convention, which I am very familiar with. Future updates to 0.10 will in fact follow this convention.