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CVS problems (solved)

There where some CVS problems where i had to re-add condor. It should work again by now.

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-12-05

New Tool added: udp2telnet

Udp2Telnet is a simple tool that let's you convert a fixed UDP-stream (still working on dynamic ones) to three Telnet-Streams (Unix, Windows, Putty).

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-12-05

BlinkServ welcomes new developer

After the major release of Condor, we're proud to welcome our third official developer: Georg, thanx for joining us!

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-11-10

Release: A complete rewritten software

We, the project team of blinkserv are proud to present you the newest innovation in Blinkenlights-Tools available.

We just released Version 1.0 of Condor, an all-in-one graphical Server/Client software suite completly rewritten in C++ with QT.

This release marks the end-of-live of the old command-line tools (except blinkperl which is actively developed).

Condor is completly compatible with the standard UDP-packets used by CCC's blccc, so you even can hook it up to your favourite Blinkenlights-model or even your office-building.... read more

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-10-29

BlinkServ goes ChaosCamp

Interested in seeing various Blinkenlights-Projects "live on stage"?

Visit us on the Chaos Communication Camp in the BlinkenArea!

From 7.-10. August 2003.

Press is welcome, too, but see the guidelines first!

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-07-18

blinkperl-2003-02-08 release

A subproject of the Blinkenlights SBTP Suite was released today. is a telnet-server which plays an (ASCII-Art) Blinkenlights movie, if a telnet client connects. A new usage for the telnet-port ('usual' telnet servers are insecure (plaintext passwords, ...))

Posted by Wolfgang Dautermann 2003-02-08

BLINKSERV-Project ->Beta 1 is Released

Just released the Beta-1 Packages for the BLINKSERV-Project. This packages include simple meta-build-scripts that can also update the packages through AnonCVS.

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-01-11

New Developer - Welcome!

Welcome the new Developer DAUTI. He's developing some nice tools in Perl - like second the Telnet-Blinkenlights implementation.

Posted by Rene Schickbauer 2003-01-11