Request Receipt in Outlook 2003

  • george


    I have been testing blat and I saw that the “Request Receipt” feature does not work properly with MS Outlook 2003. However, it works with Outlook Express. Can you help me with this? Is there an update/ or a ix for this?

    Thanks in advance & Best Regards,

    - George

    • Chip

      Instead of using the -r option, try using the -d option.  From what I remember, Outlook is not fully RFC compliant and will only respond to the Disposition Request.


    • I have been running Blat 1.6 from a W2000 workstation, called from a Foxpro application.
      I moved this application to an XP station using Blat 2.4 build Jan 15, 2005

      Everything works as before, EXCEPT I don't seem to be able to send
      -subject longer than 15 characters.

      The following command line comes right back with no results.
      Blat.exe c:\nzemail.txt -subject "ORDRSP A1A M1234567" -to -attach c:\nzmsg.txt

      When I shorten -subject to 15 characters, as follows, it works perfectly.

      Blat.exe c:\nzemail.txt -subject "ORDRSP A1A M123" -to -attach c:\nzmsg.txt

      Is this a Blat restriction ?

      Thanks in advance,
      George M.

    • Chip

      There is no line length restriction in Blat itself.  The line length restrictions from Windows XP is roughly 8K bytes.  However, what is the command line length restriction in FoxPro?  Can you provide a sample command line coming from FoxPro, if you change any private data to all Zs?  For example: "-to" would be "-to"  Providing the exact line length you use in FoxPro will help identify the root problem.