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How To Download Other Versions of Blat?

  • VAKO

    I want to Download other versions of blat:

    for example I need to download Balt smtp only
    I found this on your site, but can't find to download
    Thank you In advanced

    ae737604515fc389c18c1b6a8ca65b07 Win32\Blat Full\blat311_32.full.zip
    2400db133323e56f335ae387470aa81c Win32\Blat Lite\blat311_32.lite.zip
    0fc605df9bcbded95b51ed8d6fbaa975 Win32\Blat SMTP only\blat311_32.smtp.zip
    199e86708c6dccdb7eadbe2f02125e9e Win32\Blat Source\blat311_32.source.zip
    4948e64898f080ff35e54b6ef0604f15 Win32\Blat yEnc enabled\blat311_32.full.+yEnc.zip
    c157ef6ed6cc441358157f79853b71ef Win98\Blat Full\blat311_w98.full.zip
    8ec06535b4278805e9356b360890d3a9 Win98\Blat Lite\blat311_w98.lite.zip
    5d0b3a885f71b1eacdf559171c728578 Win98\Blat SMTP only\blat311_w98.smtp.zip
    f219d713d7db8344a60f89725c9577c0 Win98\Blat Source\blat311_w98.source.zip
    9dbdbc5f8ed9303b3aa56a480747aa53 Win98\Blat yEnc enabled\blat311_w98.full.+yEnc.zip
    b1012115def7342f6cebf99a30a0a1c6 x64\Blat Full\blat311_64.full.zip
    9df1dd5784f0a996b9ab6e23e42ee841 x64\Blat Lite\blat311_64.lite.zip
    a57b083e2267eb18e315a4d8d09c1c8b x64\Blat SMTP only\blat311_64.smtp.zip
    54166c835edf15fab4ea9329d580382f x64\Blat Source\blat311_64.source.zip
    44a536d0e4c90dea61ea582fca7f4467 x64\Blat yEnc enabled\blat311_64.full.+yEnc.zip

    • Melvin L
      Melvin L

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  • Chip

    I am sorry that I did not see this message earlier. The easiest way to get each flavor, such as SMTP Only, would be to get it from http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/blat/files/Official/. You may have to sign into Yahoo first. I will look at what is needed to make them available through SourceForge, as well as through Yahoo.