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Blast Documents 3.1 Released!

I've just released the latest version of blast documents (3.1) Foreign language file names are now fully supported (includes Thai, Chinese and pretty much anything your computer can use as a filename) Also a few other minor changes. See changelog for more info.


Posted by Niraj Bhawnani 2005-08-24

Blast Documents Featured On

I was surprised to find Blast Documents at a Taiwanese site :) They actually translated the description on this page into Traditional Chinese:

Blast Documents是一個手動的小工具程式,它提供一個捷徑讓你將start menu最近的文件使用紀錄迅速刪除。如果用原來windows提供的方式來刪除要6個步驟且較多等待,本程式只要兩個鍵就立刻完成工作。... read more

Posted by Niraj Bhawnani 2004-10-16

Blast Documents Released!

The first open source version of Blast Documents 3 has been released! You might notice it is already production/stable. This is because there were previous unreleased closed source versions and the project has come a long way already.

Posted by Niraj Bhawnani 2004-07-25