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Notes on the Current CVS version - WebKit and New TextView

The version that's now in CVS has some support for WebKit but isn't too flexible. It's there for other developers to mess with if you like.

It also has a new TextView that handles drags differently if they're URLs. at first glance, this has now broken the document dirty mark.

In short, the CVS version is flaky for the time being, but please dive in and fix things if you want to!


Posted by Michael McCracken 2003-07-11

CVS up, with confusion - README!

The CVS repository is up and running, so feel free to checkout, browse, modify, post patches for the module 'blapp' like so:
cvs login

cvs -z3 co blapp

There's also a module 'BibDesk' in there, but that's an out-of date copy of the project at , and will be removed soon.

Posted by Michael McCracken 2002-11-01

File releases up, CVS coming soon

I've submitted the support request for CVS import of the source code for Blapp, so soon it should be available for interested hackers.

Posted by Michael McCracken 2002-10-29


Welcome to the home of Blapp. A file release has been added, and soon the CVS repository will be available as well.

Posted by Michael McCracken 2002-10-28