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blairOS / News: Recent posts

CVS updated

changes made in the sources during the last 2 weeks are commited to CVS repository. I will now try to keep CVS up-to-date.
The version 0.01 of the kernel is not ready but some new utils have appeared.

Posted by Vincent Palatin 2002-02-25

blairos boot floppy released ...

A test boot floppy image has been uploaded.
It contains Grub boat loader and an ext2 filesystem.

It's very useful to test newly compiled multiboot compliant kernel with vmware or bochs.

Posted by Vincent Palatin 2002-01-27

blairos web site alpha version released

The new web site powered by PHP+MySql
Nearly nothing is working

Posted by Vincent Palatin 2002-01-18

the project becomes public...

the site has opened

I'll be back ... ( as soon as possible)

I'll update it in the next days

Posted by Vincent Palatin 2001-12-19