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Please submit as many bugs as possible

If you see a bug in Blacklight, please submit it to the bug tracker.

I believe I have solved the incompatibility with Ubuntu 8.04, although the non-automounting problem probably won't be fixed by Blacklight (as it was introduced in Ubuntu and there are only hackish ways for Blacklight to solve it). I have, however, fixed a common race condition that caused Blacklight to hang after successfully encoding video.... read more

Posted by Chris Lees (Blacklight Main Dev) 2008-05-14

IMPORTANT: Ubuntu 8.04 bug

Sony Walkman users, please note: There is a bug in Ubuntu 8.04 that prevents the drag 'n' drop Walkmans from being automatically mounted.

Fully-updating your system may apparantly fix the problem. If it doesn't help, or if you don't want to update for whatever reason, you can still use your Walkman with MTP-aware programs (Blacklight is not MTP-aware).

Or, you can manually mount your Walkman to /media/WALKMAN, making sure that directory is writable by your user account. This is probably the better workaround for us, as we need some way to get videos onto the Walkman.... read more

Posted by Chris Lees (Blacklight Main Dev) 2008-05-13

Blacklight 2.1 Released!

I am proud to announce that Blacklight 2.1 is now available for download. I recommend updating to 2.1 as it fixes a number of annoying bugs.

Another great reason to update is that it now includes a DVD ripping plugin! It requires Mplayer and the usual DVD viewing dependencies (libdvdnav, libdvdread, libdvdplay, and libdvdcss2), but is much more convenient than ripping with some other program and then encoding in Blacklight.... read more

Posted by Chris Lees (Blacklight Main Dev) 2008-01-13

Blacklight 2 released!

I am proud to announce the release of Blacklight 2! This release adds audio transcoding and an exciting plugin framework for extending Blacklight's audio and video input capabilities, as well as managing the media after it goes onto the Walkman. Blacklight 2 also has a more responsive, informative, and nicer-looking interface.

There is potential for later versions of Blacklight to support photos - the ground work has already been laid.... read more

Posted by Chris Lees (Blacklight Main Dev) 2007-11-29

Blacklight 0.2 released

Blacklight 0.2 has been released! This release has fixed a serious bug where could become unresponsive after encoding a file. It's a critical update.

While I'm here, I should tell you about the progress that's happening on the Blacklight2 branch. Blacklight2 is a complete rewrite featuring plug-in architecture and audio and photo conversion (as well as video).

Blacklight2's audio functionality is complete, and the video functionality is working "enough". There are still a few bugs to iron out, but hopefully I'll be recommending it as the replacement for the original Blacklight soon. Watch this space.

Posted by Chris Lees (Blacklight Main Dev) 2007-11-13