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blackbox / News: Recent posts

Blackbox 0.70.1 released

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2005-11-03

Blackbox 0.70.0 released!

Enjoy :)

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2005-03-01

Blackbox 0.70.0 Release Canditate now available.

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2005-01-19

Blackbox 0.70.0-beta3 released

Lots of cleanups and bug fixes need testing. :)

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2005-01-05

Blackbox 0.70.0-beta2 released

The next beta is ready for testing. This version includes support for Unicode and UTF-8, as well as fixing the 'Focus Last Window on Workspace' functionality.

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2004-09-03

Blackbox 0.70.0-beta1 released!

So, I decided to get off my ass and put up a beta of the next release. It's been way too long since the last stable release, and since I've been using the CVS version full-time for several months now, I figured everyone else should do the same ;)

This is a fully functional release. EWMH (aka NETWM) is implemented, so please test it out.

This is the first beta, and it is lacking a few things:
1. Documentation - all the stuff is pretty much unchanged from 0.65.0. The only thing I have updated is doc/, which includes the
new format of styles.... read more

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2004-08-27

2 new project members

After a recent call for help to the blackbox mailing-list, Ciprian Popovici (sfrowd) and Adriano Varoli Piazza (moranar) have volunteered to take over the maintanence and development of the Blackbox websiite.

Welcome to you both :)

Posted by Bradley T. Hughes 2003-11-14

0.65.0 final release

17 days late, but such is life.

I have had problems with the new release interface so no changelog or release notes are there.


Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-09-18

release planned for September 1st

0.65.0 should be released on September 1st if all goes well. Now is your chance to test the new release before everyone else (-:

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-08-20

Translators wanted

The following locales do not have maintainers listed in the AUTHORS file:


If you can help with any of these languages or can provide a language not handled by blackbox please contact us.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-07-19

0.65.0 nearing release

The beta series is wrapping up quickly. If you are aware of any bugs not listed in the Tracker please submit them as soon as possible.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-07-19

0.65.0 enters beta series

Yep, 0.65.0 is almost here. Please everyone help us test the new code so we can get a real release out.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-06-25

0.65.0alpha5 released

We hope this to be the end of the alpha series so we can move towards a much more public beta and final release.

If you have avoided the alpha series in the past and have just a few moments to give it a look we would appreciate it.

Remember bugs found now are bugs not stumbled on later (-:

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-05-21

0.65.0alpha2 released

Stability and usability cleanups over alpha1, see release notes for details.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-04-23

0.65.0alpha1 is release

This marks the beginning of our transition towards new features and NETWM support. The goal is to get this code base as well tested as possible so the new features will have solid code to build on.

*NOTE* this release does not support NETWM. We wanted to release a new stable version rather than making users wait another two or more months.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-04-16

a new cvs testing release

One minor and one ugly bug were found this morning. Both are now fixed in CVS
and in the release on

In the TODO file at the top I am listing open CVS bugs. If you have something
that should be listed, let me know.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-03-23

cvs test release

I have made a testing release from CVS. Up front let me say this is still code
in progress. If you can not afford 5 minutes of debugging time in your hectic
26 hour day wait for a real release.

That said there is a lot of potential here. We now use the STL and some of
Brad's code from moving_target. By early reports the code is only getting
faster. It is definately getting cleaner and easier to manage.... read more

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-03-23

feature freeze

I have made this comment on several bugs but never made a formal announcement. Blackbox is under going an internal code change at the moment. We are restructuring and updating the code. This will make it easier for us to add the new features like NETWM support.

Please, do not stop submitting new ideas or bugs. They are still important. Just not the highest priority.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-03-12

0.62.0 final released

So, we released 0.62.0 final yesterday. So far, no ugliness has been reported.

When you upgrade, please be sure to grab the newest bbkeys.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-01-21

Blackbox: 0.62.0pre4 released, a candidate for final release

Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you have been looking for without all those annoying libraries. If you have g++ and X you can compile it.

0.62.0pre4 was released earlier this morning. Unless issues arise, this is slated to be released as 0.62.0 early next week. Please test early and test often.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2002-01-15

Blackbox 0.61.2pre4 release

A prerelease of 0.61.2 is available. Please try it, love it, live it, pound it, and tell us what breaks.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2001-12-14

Blackbox lives!

Yes it is true, blackbox has a new person behind it. My name is Sean 'Shaleh' Perry and you may remember from such movies as "Debian developers, your friends and saviours" or "Fixed in the next release". Along with the bbkeys hackers vanRijn and xOr there is nothing but good in the future.

Posted by Sean 'Shaleh' Perry 2001-12-14