#204 Windows resize themselves to more than screen resolution

Behaviour (212)

This is more of a whishlist item. It would be nice if
one had the ability to configure blackbox so that
maximized windows never resize themselves (to more than
the screen is high and wide).

Currently, using blackbox 0.65.0 under FreeBSD-CURRENT,
some websites make Mozilla resize it's maximized window
to more than screen size. This is very annoying because
I have to move the window until I reach the maximize
button to maximize it again.

blackbox should not allow windows to resize themselves
when maximized.


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    Been a long discution about this topic a while back on the
    mailing list. See the archives. Basically, it came down to
    this being too subjective a feature. Think about the things
    that can backfire. I guess it could be implemented as an
    option, but there was too low an interest for it. See the
    old discussion.

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    There is an option in Mozilla to disable a website's ability
    to resize your browser. I see this as much more preferrable
    than a window manager restricting what a user/program can do
    with a window to some arbitrary value.

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