#1 Fix for deletion of two extra characters (OS 4.02 and Above)

BBCorrector (1)
Josh Harris

On newer versions of the Blackberry OS (4.02 and
above), BBCorrector no longer seems to work correctly.
Correcting a misspelled word deletes two extra
characters before the misspelled word and removes the
display of other misspelled words so you have to run
spellcheck again and again.

I removed one line of code that fixed the deletion of
two extra characters and added one line of code so
that the display of misspelled words does not
disappear when you correct a word. I also changed the
URL field in the options screen so that it behaves
like a normal URL field (spacebar = .).

The attached file contains the modified source, a JDE
4.1 workspace with project file (the changes are
listed in "release.txt" under V1.01 Beta.

This fix needs to be compiled and signed (and tested,
of course). It probably will not work on OS versions
below 4.02.


  • Josh Harris
    Josh Harris

    Modified Sources and 4.1 Project File