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now bkupcj is faster

release 0.4 of bkupcj have optimized code that makes this release 20% faster than previous.

Posted by tomlnx 2008-06-07

simple backup cron-job (bkupcj): bugfix for 0.3

bkupcj is a software for automatically backup your files to usb disk, samba partition or local directory. bkupcj creates mirrors of original directories, isn't incremental in order to optimize disk space. bkupcj can also be used like a cron-job.

a new version of bkupcj is released: bkupcj 0.3.2

This version solves some bugs related to bkupcj stats.

Posted by tomlnx 2008-05-28

bkupcj_configurator: 0.1 is now available

bkupcj_configurator is a GUI, written in Java (requires JRE>=1.6) in order to configure all bkupcj properties.
In addition, substitutes script for configuring bkupcj like a cron-job (support only Anacron and Dcron).

Bkupcj_configurator screenshots at screenshots section

Posted by tomlnx 2008-02-19

bugfix for bkupcj 0.3

a new version of bkupcj is released: bkupcj 0.3.1

Posted by tomlnx 2008-02-19

bkupcj 0.3 release

This release adds a disk usage control
adds a function for removing empty dir on destination dir.
Less important notes on README file, before starts bkupcj, in order to avoid many copy errors.

Posted by tomlnx 2007-12-17

bkupcj 0.2 release

this release fully support filenames with not-ASCII chars, add new properties in order to configure better your bkupcj, and finally add a new backup algorithm based on md5 hash.

Posted by tomlnx 2007-11-20

bugfix for bkupcj release 0.1

a new version of bkupcj is been released for fix a bug about deleting unused files on backup dirs.
Changes concern even the bkupcj configuration file, in order to explain better bkupcj behaviour.

Posted by tomlnx 2007-11-10

first release of bkupcj

At 9 november 2007, bkupcj version 0.1 has been released, feel free to try it.

Posted by tomlnx 2007-11-09