I don't know if anyone is still subscribe to this, but I'll at least make the effort to get the word out.

I have made some fundamental and critical changes to the source code of BKM (pre6) to make it more stable, efficent, and usable.

I am not a developer of BKM so I can't post it to the SK site, but if anyone is interested in obtaining a new setup please reply.

Here is a general list of changes that I've made.

bkm_mod-4.1.0 (Mon Sep 04 09:00:00 EST 2006)

*** No bugs have been fixed or changes made to any other
browser import functions other than Opera at this time.

* Attempting to drag&drop while no database is loaded causes error/crash,
in main window and docked.
* Tree view is reloaded with bookmarks after you import.
* Changed method of detecting opera hotlist when importing,
fixes invalid opera hotlist bug.
* Fix in utf8 decoding, while importing opera
* Fix (work around, really) the drag & drop division by zero error
* Add count to message box with how many duplicates were found.
* Automatically select duplicates, leaving one unique url
* Automatically close duplicate search window when you select
move to folder.
* Automatically close duplicate search window when you delete duplicates.
* Added option to automatically import bookmarks into top level folder,
rather than selected folder. this way you dont mistakingly import
into a sub folder.
* Added count of imported bookmarks to messagebox after importing
from all supported imports (except xbel)
* Fixed a bug in duplicate check where when using move to folder
it would also move the first original bookmark, thereby leaving
no bookmarks and really screwing up your database
* Fixed bug for inability to save a database/output file to root drive
* Changed the way the DDE operates so that it does not open two browser
windows when option use new window and dde is turned on.
* All FTP operations have been changed to allow higher port numbers
* Renamed the Duplicate search menu item in english language, to english, heh
* Added ability to import multiple local opera bookmark files at once.

Although this is a modified version of BKM that has no connection to the
original author of BKM, no contact information/website links/etc have been
changed or removed. No communications about this version of BKM should be
sent to the original author.

When I came across BKM for the first time I was looking for something to manage all my Opera bookmarks, so that is why Opera is mentioned so many times. And that is also why no other browser functions have been checked for errors. Nor have I looked at the bug reports for any other browsers (or even Opera, just fixed what I needed to fix).

I don't know if any of the issues here have been updated in the CVS code. I strictly used the pre6 code download to make my modifications.

If there is still any active interest in BKM, as much as possible I'd like to address bug reports/feature requests as much as I can. It's a shame that the original author(s) have not been active for more than two years.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone.