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BizBlox Released

BizBlox Released
+: Added implicit Find() call if Find() is not previously called on a DOCollection and an attempt is made to access an Object
+: Change SqlBuilder Join methods to only add a Join to the query once, regardless of how often an attempt is made to add it.
+: AddWhereIn() overloads, accepting arrays of strings and GUIDs
+: AddWhere(), AddWhereGT(), AddWhereLT(), AddWhereGTE(), AddWhereLTE() overloads which allow comparison between columns in the query

Posted by Stephen Trembath 2008-08-11

BizBlox Released

BizBlox Released
+: Changes to increase performance - Added Fetch() methods to DOCollection
+: Added Average() and Sum() methods to DOCollection
x: Fixed a missing Dispose() call on iDbConnection in the DataAccess class.

Posted by Stephen Trembath 2008-05-01

BizBlox 1.5.1 Released

BizBlox 1.5.1 Released

+: Added `Launch BizBlox Builder' to installer finish screen
x: Fixed bug with UNIQUE constraints being parsed as Primary Keys in SQL Server 2005-generated scripts
x: Updated the install script for less (!) .Net support - useless carry over
x: Fixed long standing file association bug, BBX files are now associated correctly.
x: Fixed bug with default values not working for DateTime mapping and BoundsCheck project options

Posted by Joe Cincotta [Pixolut] 2007-10-23

BizBlox 1.5 Released and now includes code generation

Version 1.5 is now in two seperate flavours: .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0 and also comes with the BizBloxBuilder code generation system which works with SQL2000 and SQL2005.

We offer professional support options for anyone intending to use this suite in a professional environment.

We currently use BizBlox to run multiple production environments in both .Net 1.1 and 2.0 dealing with hundreds of thousands of transactions per day. Rock Solid!

Posted by Joe Cincotta [Pixolut] 2007-08-23

BizBlox 2.0 is nearly complete - check out the Branch in SVN

BizBlox 2.0 is a big change from 1.x but we still believe that mapping scripts are NOT how an ORM should work.

Some key features in 2.0 are:

1. Attribute based control of object->sql data mapping allowing finer control over the object being persisted - you can now choose how you structure your tables and handle the object type mapping from attributes on the property itself.

2. Not all properties of an object are persisted anymore... read more

Posted by Joe Cincotta [Pixolut] 2007-03-22

BizBlox 1.4 Release includes .Net 2.0 Support

Finally, we have relased a new version of BizBlox. This release includes a new code track for .Net 2.0 which is specific for ADO2. We aim to keep compatibility with legacy code and continue to support new releases with the 1.1 framework, but there are now specific features (such as transactions) which are using ADO2 only code. The current 1.4 release is missing some documentation and unit tests, but the final 1.4 will come very shortly.

Posted by Joe Cincotta [Pixolut] 2007-03-09

Go to for more info

There is a knowledge base and much more info on the Pixolüt site.

Posted by Joe Cincotta [Pixolut] 2007-01-04