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0.3.3 - May 31, 2014

  • Added a streaming API for xCals (XCalReader, XCalWriter).
  • Fixed a bug where <unknown> property values in xCal documents weren't being parsed correctly.
  • Removed a regular expression used in parsing code to improve performance.
  • Renamed all "marshaller" classes to "scribes" (e.g. renamed "DescriptionMarshaller" to "DescriptionScribe"). Also moved the marshaller classes from "biweekly.(property/component).marshaller" to "".
  • Writer classes now check to make sure a scribe class exists for each property before writing anything to the output stream.
  • Improved unit test coverage.
  • Upgraded jackson dependency from version 2.1.3 to 2.3.3.

0.3.2 - January 22, 2014

  • Added OSGi support.
  • Added validation and parser warnings to a resource bundle for internationalization.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented large plain-text iCalendar streams from being read (see: discussion, credit: Jordy)
  • When writing plain-text and JSON-encoded iCalendar objects with the Biweekly class, the stream is now flushed after every iCalendar object is written (see Ticket 4, credit: Romain Gonord).

0.3.1 - September 21, 2013

Major changes

  • Improved UTF-8 support: UTF-8 encoding is now used essentially whenever a File or InputStream/OutputStream object is passed into one of biweekly's reader/writer classes. Java Reader/Writer objects are not effected by this change because they are configured to use their own character encoding.
    • If a File or OutputStream object is passed into a writer class, UTF-8 encoding will be used.
    • If a File or InputStream object is passed into a plain-text iCal or jCal reader, UTF-8 encoding will be used.
    • If a File or InputStream object is passed into a xCal reader, the "encoding" attribute in the header portion of the XML document will be properly taken into account. Before, it was ignored and the document was parsed according to the JVM's default character encoding.
  • Added support for the EXRULE property.
  • RRULE now supports non-standard rule parts.
  • "Duration" class improvements: Added the following methods to the Duration class (credit: Caruyer Perrine):
    • toMillis() - Converts the duration to milliseconds
    • add(Date) - Adds the duration to a Date object
    • diff(Date, Date) - Factory method that builds a Duration from the difference between two Dates
    • fromMillis(long) - Factory method that builds a Duration from a milliseconds value

Other changes:

  • Added the ability to append onto existing files when writing plain-text files with the Biweekly class.
  • The Biweekly.parse(File) methods no longer throw a FileNotFoundException.
  • The ICalParameter.getRsvp() method now throws an IllegalStateException when the RSVP parameter value cannot be parsed (i.e. if it's something other than "true" or "false"). Before, it would return "null", which was misleading ("null" typically means that the parameter does not exist). Raw parameter values can still be retrieved using the get() method.
  • A CannotParseException is now consistently thrown during the parsing of xCal properties when the XML element which holds the property's value cannot be found.
  • When marshalling to xCard, if a property's value is null (a rare occurrence), then an empty XML element will be written (before, no element was written). This increases conformance with the xCard schema.
  • Created the ICalMarshallerRegistrar class, which can be used to assign a set of custom marshallers to a reader or writer class.
  • Improved the performance of plain-text iCal marshalling by optimizing string escaping functions.
  • Changed JCalValue.asStructured() and JCalValue.structured() so they properly support multi-valued structured components.
  • Renamed the "Value" class to "ICalDataType" and improved data type abstraction in the data model.
  • Moved ValidationWarnings class from the biweekly.component package to the biweekly package.
  • Renamed the following methods:
    • ICalPropertyMarshaller.Result.getValue --> getProperty
    • ICalPropertyMarshaller.getDataType --> dataType
    • JCalValue.getSingleValued --> asSingle
    • JCalValue.getMultivalued --> asMulti
    • JCalValue.getStructured --> asStructured
  • Added syntax highlighting to the code samples in the Javadocs. :)

0.3.0 - August 4 2013

  • Added jCal support (JSON-encoded iCalendar objects).
  • Removed the "commons-codec" dependency.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented non-standard parameter values from being parsed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented an iCalendar object from being parsed if the parser encountered a value-less parameter. A warning is now also logged if it encounters such a parameter, since value-less parameters are not permitted by the specs (see Ticket 1).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented VJOURNAL components from being read/written correctly (its marshaller class was missing).
  • The TZID parameter is now taken into account when reading/writing the RDATE property.
  • Added setLocalTime(boolean) method to certain date-time classes which instructs the library to format the timestamp according to local time (default timezone) when written.
  • The DTSTART property is now formatted according to local time (default timezone) when part of a STANDARD or DAYLIGHT component (timezone definition).
  • Added getter/setter methods to the VEvent and VTodo classes for VALARM components.
  • The ICalWriter class no longer logs warnings.
  • The ICalWriter class now throws an IllegalArgumentException if it cannot find the marshaller class of a property or component object.
  • Validation changes:
    • Property parameters are now validated when ICalendar.validate() is called. Each parameter is checked to make sure its value is valid (for example, confirming that RSVP is either "true" or "false") (see Ticket 2).
    • The values of the ACTION, CALSCALE, CLASS, STATUS, and TRANSP properties are now checked to ensure they use an acceptable value.
    • Validation warnings are now wrapped in a ValidationWarnings object. The ValidationWarnings object contains a list of WarningsGroup objects. Each WarningsGroup object contains a reference to the property/component that caused the warnings, references to the property/component's parent components, and a list of the validation warnings.
  • Added the ability to get/set the raw components of a date-time value for certain properties (see Ticket 3). This is useful for getting/setting the value of the DTSTART properties that are located within VTIMEZONE components.

0.2.0 - July 7 2013

  • Added xCal support (XML-encoded iCalendar objects).
  • Added property cardinality validation to ICalendar.validate().

0.1.0 - June 25 2013

  • First release.


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