How to compil and modify the firmware ?

  • pgid69


    I wanted to know if someone has made a firmware from sources.

    - Do you compile yourself the toolchain or do you use the toolchain from bitswitcher web site  ?
    My problem with this toolchain is that it includes kernel headers 2.6.11 whereas the firmware include
    kernel 2.6.8 ? Do you think i can use buildroot-0.9.27 (which include
    kernel headers 2.6.8) ?

    - Does the kernel 2.6.8 come from broadcom or ? If it
    comes from the latter, do you think the kernel can be upgraded to a more
    recent version ? That would allow to use a more recent toolchain including
    gcc 4, as kernel 2.6.8 does not compile with gcc 4 ?

    Thank you for your answers