Thanks.  I searched that group before posting here, but the bitpim-related threads all involved plugging and unplugging things and switching around settings (basically the things I've already tried) until things eventually, magically, started working.  Being a more deterministic type of guy, I figured I'd post here, hopefully hear from a developer, and actually get to the root of the problem (and perhaps help find and fix the bugs that others have run into) :)
The phone is definitely on COM5; you can see in the protocol log that bitpim is successfully talking to the phone, and I've manually connected to COM5 with SecureCRT and got an "OK" to my "AT" commands as well.  I notice that bitpim isn't using AT commands to "transition" into brew - it's just sending binary data, .  I have no idea what that protocol is supposed to look like, so I can't really see what's going wrong.. I wonder if it has to do with bitpim's insistence on dropping down to 38400 for the brew data, as opposed to (apparently) using the default port rate for the version info?
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From: Tom Tracey
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    Try posting to the vx4400support group at Yahoo!.  Folks there can help.
    Also - check to make sure that your computer has really assigned com5 for the cable.
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From: Jay Levitt
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Subject: [Bitpim-user] Trouble transitioning to brew mode

I have a new VX4400 with the Radio Shack/Futuredial USB cable (the new one specifically for the VX4400, no USB-to-serial converter).  I installed the latest Windows XP drivers from; these created a modem device on COM5 and a "LG CDMA USB Modem Diagnostic Serial Port Drivers (WDM)" on COM6, as well as the composite device.
I can use SnapSync successfully.  However, I can't use bitpim for anything except getting version info.  Anything else I try to do gives me an error telling me that the phone couldn't transition to brew mode. Getting version info works only when I have bitpim set to COM5 and the phone set to USB (despite what the dialog says).  Getting/setting phonebook, ringer, wallpaper, etc. doesn't work whether bitpim uses com5 or com6, or whether the phone is set to USB or RS-232.
The protocol log is attached below.  Sorry if this is a FAQ, but the archive isn't searchable, and a google search didn't pull up anything useful.  I am a programmer and would be happy to troubleshoot/debug/etc in any way possible.
Jay Levitt
 [ protocol log snipped]