I strongly object to removing the only mechanism that allows anyone to say that bitcoin is p2p, in the truest sense of the word. Moves like this that favor only the pool operators and private mining interests are signs that bitcoin is headed towards a monopoly/cartel model, and that would be a tragic outcome for something that holds a great promise. Nobody knows what mining will look like in the future, and denying the individual novice the ability to mine at a small scale, even if we may think it is inefficient now, is not a good path to start down.

If there are technical problems with getwork, maybe they should be addressed and fixed instead of outright abandoned.

On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@bitpay.com> wrote:
Pull request https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/2905 proposes to
remove "getwork" RPC from bitcoind: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Getwork

On mainnet, almost everybody uses a pool (and therefore, not "getwork"
directly to bitcoind).  Those few who solo mine use a pool server to
talk to bitcoind via "getblocktemplate" or other means.  Tests show
that attempts to solo mine on mainnet via "getwork" lead to delays and

On testnet, getwork has a better chance of continuing to work.
Nevertheless, the same tools (open source pool servers or p2pool) are
available for testnet, obviating the continued need to support

However, at one time, getwork to bitcoind was widely used.  I wanted
to poke the audience, to gauge response to removing "getwork."  If a
driving use case remains of which we're unaware, speak up, please.  We
don't want to break anybody needlessly.

Jeff Garzik
Senior Software Engineer and open source evangelist
BitPay, Inc.      https://bitpay.com/

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