On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:32 PM, Rob Meijer <capibara@xs4all.nl> wrote:
Given that there was not a single response to my post, I gather there is
no to little interest in an updated MinorFs that could be used by bitcoin
on systems that support AppArmor (Ubuntu and OpenSuse).

Oh yes there is interest. I meant to reply but haven't been able to put much energy in bitcoin development lately.

More strict privilege seperation between applications on a least-authority basis is something that Ubuntu is certainly going to need if they're serious with the app store thing (and want to keep up with Android and Macosx...).
This has been needed for a long time, and this would be useful for any private data managed by applications running as the same user (ssh, browsers, pgp, ...)

Wallet encryption is useful and necessary but no substitute for OS-level protection.

Nevertheless I've put down the initial set of specs for a rewrite of
MinorFs for if anyone would like to comment on them to make a future match
with Bitcoin more likely, I'm open to all sugestions:


You have to rewrite the entire thing from scratch?

This is probably blasphemy but: how can it be compared to the android model, with a UID per application/user, and thus layering the security on top of current UNIX/ACL permissions?  Is another FS really needed?