0.8.2 apparently was the first Bitcoin version to support RPC keepalive.  With the 4 RPC thread limit, four keepalive connections will exhaust all four and prevent further connections.  This issue describes a workaround where you build with more RPC threads.

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 10:44 AM, slush <> wrote:

during several weeks I'm observing more and more frequent issues with bitcoind. The problem is that bitcoind stops responding to RPC calls, but there's no other suspicious activity in bitcoind log, CPU usage is low, disk I/O is standard etc.

I observed this problem with version 0.8.2, but it is still happening with 0.8.5. Originally this happen just one or twice per day. Today my monitoring scripts restarted bitcoind more than 30x, which sounds alarming. This happen on various backends, so it isn't a problem of one specific node. Is there anybody else who's observing similar problem? 


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