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Plans for 1.4.0 - Part 2

Alright, so I've gotten all of the ideas squared away, and development on 1.4.0 has already begun. Here's the current ToDo for 1.4.0 (will be committed to CVS + uploaded here soon):

* New default skin
* Add attachments
* Add a template for current day on calendar
* Add BB Code/Emoticon buttons to post/edit entry view
* Add ability to order templates/tempvars by ID or label, desc or asc
* Add ability only show Admin templates or Blog templates, and seperate them in
the manager
* Add ability to order hits by IP, Location, or Date
* Add ability to remove hits from log (all hits by that IP, or just one hit)
* Make entry and comment manager remember which date you were editting
* Make image manager support editting of emoticons... read more

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-07-09

Plans for 1.4.0

Okay, so my plans for the next version of BirdBlog (1.4.0) are so far to improve the installation system, improve the skin system, create a new default skin, add various improvements throughout the ACP, and I'll probably do some enhancements on the comments system as well. The new skin system will likely be backwards compatible with the current skin system... but we'll see on that one. I'll also be optimizing and cleaning the code (mostly for the ACP, because that's what needs it most), and making sessions work a bit better. If anybody has any suggestions, please post them somewhere, or email me :).

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-06-23

Important: Distribution Files Updated

I got an email this morning, informing me of a template bug which I thought I had fixed several versions ago. But as it turns out, it still exists... so, I fixed this bug and re-uploaded the distribution files (, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2) this morning. You have 2 choices go go about fixing this bug if you downloaded 1.3.4 before this:

-Re-download 1.3.4 and run the updater (install.php), and ONLY update templates, nothing else
-Go to the template manager, and edit 'Admin - Users - Add User' (admin_user_add) and look for usermng?a=add, and change it to usermng.php?a=add... read more

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-06-14

BirdBlog 1.3.4 Released

And finally, 1.3.4 is here :). All of the installation issues should be fixed in this version. This version also fixes a semi-serious exploit in comments.php, so be sure to update! You won't need to run the updater if you're updating from a version greater than 1.3.1. I'm hoping this is the last version in the 1.3.* branch, so by the 1.4.* branch the install system will be more consistant. I'm also hoping for a new default skin... if anyone would like to submit one, please do so! You can email me at mokkan[at] Thanks!

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-06-14

BirdBlog 1.3.3 Released

This release deals mainly with bugs reported by relpats_eht. Two files have been added to the distribution, as well (readme.html and license.txt) :). You won't need to run install.php if you're upgrading from version 1.3.1 or 1.3.2, but otherwise I recommend it ;).

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-06-03

BirdBlog 1.3.2 Released

This release deals with some moderatly major bugs, one of which was causing pages to not work when browsing entries for a specific date. So really, I encourage upgrading :). I'm hoping I'll have more time to get other things done for the BirdBlog project (converters, etc.), but life gets crazy ;). We'll see though... anyways, later all.

Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-05-25

BirdBlog 1.3.1 Released

This version of BirdBlog deals mainly with changes to Several things have been added, and a few things revamped as well. The javascript vulerabilities are no more... anyways, enjoy the new release.


Posted by Michael Swiger 2005-05-03