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BioXTAS RAW / News: Recent posts

Help find bugs!

We do our best to try to sort out any bugs there might be in the software. The software is tested before it is released but there might still be bugs we have overlooked or is specific to your data file. You can help us make the software better by either:

1. Send a copy of a data file that you had problems with, and if possible include the error message you got in the console window and we will look at it as fast as possible. ... read more

Posted by Soren Nielsen 2009-09-23

2D Data reduction features only for isotropic data

The 2D data reduction features are currently only for isotropic data. It is planned that anisotropic data should be supported in the future.

Posted by Soren Nielsen 2009-07-17

Help get rid of bugs!

You can help the software become much better by reporting bugs, either in the forum, or by mail to Bugs will be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Thank you,
Soren Nielsen

Posted by Soren Nielsen 2009-04-20

First release

We're happy to announce that the first public release of BioXTAS RAW has been made available for download.

If you would like to contribute to making it better, please report bugs or send in extensions to be added to the program. The software is released under the GPL license which means you can extend and use the code as you see fit, but if you publish code using code from BioXTAS RAW you must also make your code publicly available.

Posted by Soren Nielsen 2009-04-13

Release time

The software will be released when the paper have gone through review. Just to make sure that things are correct.

Posted by Soren Nielsen 2009-03-17