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0.1.9 development

Just an update, as it may be a while before I get 0.1.9 uploaded.

I have managed to get all the new features of Irrlicht 0.9 working with Bindenlicht, including the new terrain node and example. A lot of internal restructuring has been taking place in order to make version updates smoother and less time consuming, but that is an ongoing process. Many bugs have been squashed, including some memory leaks I discovered. I have also been doing some profiling with a test game, and found that passing or returning Vector3df objects to Irrlicht was taking up a huge ammount of time, mainly due to the number of times it happens. Using the profiling information, I have made some optimisations where it matters, including about a six times speed increase in the reading/writing of Vector3df objects to the native side. I will keep on working on this next release until I find the time to upload it all.... read more

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-04-07


Irrlicht 0.8 support is here now. The Irrlicht PerPixelLighting tutorial has been ported to Bindenlicht, and shows off some of the new features. Many small bug fixes have been made, thanks to everyone who helped highlight them.

Anyone who's code uses event handling may find that their application no longer compiles. Quite a number of changes have been made to the event handling system. The source for the movement tutorial and the GUI tutorial should help point out the changes, but feel free to leave a message in the forums if you get stuck with it.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-03-17


GUI events now work, the User Interface tutorial has been ported, and pixel shader support has been added for older nVidia cards. Other fixes inlude much improved documentation, and smooth camera look from the Irrlicht forums.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-02-15

0.1.6 released

Some major improvements in this release. It uses a modified Irrlicht library that fixes a lot of rendering problems with OpenGL, Linux graphics should now be in-line with Windows in terms of quality features and speed.

There are some more examples with this release, including one showing Bindenlicht hardware shader support. The patched version of Irrlicht now allows hardware shaders to be used in Linux as well, so Linux developers won't be missing out.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-02-05

Yet another problem with 0.1.5 R2

Really sorry about this, but the Irrlicht.dll supplied with the windows binary package is the wrong version. If you have any problems with it, then change it for the dev-cpp Irrlicht.dll in the Irrlicht 0.7.1 release.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-02-04

0.1.5 R2 Win32 corrupt

A big thanks to Kai who pointed out to me that the 0.1.5 R2 release for windows was corrupt. This has now been corrected, so if you had problems downloading it before, it should be fine now.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-02-03

Linux Build!

A Linux build has finally been released. The latest version is now 0.1.5 R2, which now includes development libraries for Linux. There were some minor fixes in the Win32 release, and a mix-up in the source release has been corrected.

As this is the first Linux release, I am expecting plenty problems, so get those bug submissions started :)

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-01-31


The new release is out, finaly with documentation. It's sparse still, but it should be a big help to those who are using the library.

Most of it is just general improvement, a lot more of the SWIG types have been wrapped around, and a lot of bugs have been fixed thanks to Danny Lade who has been a great help.

Posted by William Finlayson 2005-01-27


I would like to say a big thanks to Will May for finding a problem in the 0.1.4 Windows release. It is to do with the differences between the Dev-C++ and VisualC++ build of Irrlicht. If you have downloaded the original and are experiencing problems, try R2 instead.

Posted by William Finlayson 2004-10-28

First Release

The first release of Bindenlicht is up (0.1.3). It is in an early stage of development still, so this release is as much to get some early feedback as anything else. There are a couple of examples included in the binary release, which can give you an idea of the speed of Bindenlicht, and you can compare the visuals/behaviour against the Irrlicht examples.

Posted by William Finlayson 2004-10-27