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bigtwo / News: Recent posts

bigtwo: coffee.vrock.2 released

here's vrock.2, second revision to the vrock release of bigtwo-lib it
is meant to stabilize the current codebase before moving on to
the implementation of the planned new features, fixing some
minor bugs and flaws in the AI.

multiple level debugging mode is added to the game engine to
control how much debugging information to reveal when running
in debugging mode, and that is, i guess, the most important new
feature of this revision release.

Posted by Bernard yap chur jiun 2003-05-04

bigtwo: coffee.vrock.1 released

as usual, the .1 release fixes bugs that i should have noticed before making the
previous release, but well, it just happens. so here are the bug fixes, and more
debugging information (on the AI side), and that's more or less vrock.1.

o [**] added Makefile for Windows (tested with djgpp).
o [en] added command line option in ai-test and sp-test.
o [en] set/show game random seed in DEBUG mode.
o [ai] fixed bug regarding the "pass or play" decision.

Posted by Bernard yap chur jiun 2003-01-24

bigtwo: coffee.vrock released

here's 'vrock' that was delayed for a long time as i was stuck with other stuffs. the note worthy user visible changes are listed below... the source tarball is already out there, while pre-compiled binary packages shall be available pretty soon. [update: a linux binary package is available]

o [en] added game error messages
o [en] added basic game engine error reporting
o [en] added optional game rules support
o [en] added optional rule "no_threecarder"
o [en] added optional rule "anything_first"
o [ai] added handler for (not so obvious) single-carder win
o [ai] refined high card plays handling

Posted by Bernard yap chur jiun 2002-12-18

bigtwo: coffee.marilith.1 released

minor revision of the marilith release with some bug fixes, AI tweaks, and 'friendlier' single player test client. as usual, both source (platform independent) and binary (winxp) packages are available.

Posted by Bernard yap chur jiun 2002-08-31

bigtwo: coffee.marilith released

here's the first public release of the bigtwo game enigne (codenamed 'coffee'). as of now, the source tarball (platform independent) and a pre-compiled binary package for winxp are available.

Posted by Bernard yap chur jiun 2002-08-30