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Mark Balliet

I like to dig, and tunnel, but it gets tiresome to dig a long 3 high 3 wide tunnel for any great distance. At this point on my server, I've dug miles of tunnels, and I think I've spent enough time knocking blocks out one by one. So, I decided to create a plugin to help automate some of this work for me, BigDig.

The initial idea was simple, if I take out one block, it removes the remainder of the blocks surrounding that block out to a width specified.

Of course, with any project you show it to someone and they say "that's nice, but it should do this too" ... it's even worse when that voice is your own.

The [Development Tasks] section documents any planned functionality/notes/etc that are hopefully going to make it into BigDig. The main goal of the project is to be able to implement this digging, while still preserving the balance of the game, resources will be consumed in proportion to the digging, the right tools must be used (no punching out a section of wall 7x7x5) and the interface must be clean and understandable.


Wiki: Development Tasks

  • Mark Balliet
    Mark Balliet